Board of Directors

American Leprosy Missions is governed by a Board of Directors who donate their time and talents. These dedicated men and women bring their many years of experience and great compassion for people affected by leprosy to the oversight of the ministry.

Stephen Genheimer, Ph.D., Board Chair

Steve Genheimer

During his long career, Steve has used his engineering expertise in industry, education and research. In 1979, Steve joined Seagate Technology in Oklahoma City as a design engineer, and worked his way up, becoming Vice President of Drive Design Engineering. He then assumed responsibility for worldwide coordination of all electronic… Read More

Les Dietzman, M.B.A., Board Vice Chair

Les Dietzman

Les Dietzman has extensive retail and merchandising experience. He recently retired from Berean Christian Stores where he served as president and CEO for five years. Prior to that, Les was the president and chief executive officer of Family Christian Stores for ten years. During his 41 years in retailing, Les… Read More

Richard Goodwin Jr., M.D., Board Secretary

Rich Goodwin

Dr. Richard Goodwin Jr. has worked in the field of ophthalmology, both as a physician and an educator, since 1974. Rich graduated from Virginia Tech in 1966 and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Jefferson Medical College in 1970. He served two years in the United States Navy in… Read More

Neal Joseph, Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee

Neal Joseph

Neal Joseph currently serves as Lead Associate for Nonprofit Leadership at Slingshot Group. He has recently worked as Executive Pastor of Ministries at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City and Senior Vice President and Senior Advisor for Compassion International, where he oversaw relationships with partners in ten countries, accounting for… Read More

Tom Young, Treasurer and Audit Committee Chair

Tom Young-2

Tom Young joined the board of American Leprosy Missions in 1980 and has served as an active member for 31 of the last 34 years. During his long tenure, he has consistently been impressed by the organization’s commitment to good stewardship and by its faithful service to people suffering from… Read More

Ymelda Beauchamp

Ymelda Beauchamp

Several years ago, Ymelda Beauchamp was invited by a friend to join the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Missions. They had met in Carville, Louisiana years earlier when they both were sent there to be treated for leprosy. As someone who experienced the pain and isolation of leprosy while… Read More

Glen Brubaker, M.D., M.P.H.

Glen brings decades of direct experience with leprosy to the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Missions. For 27 years he served as the superintendent of the Shirati Leprosy Control Center in Tanzania where he managed the 30-bed ward and orthopedic and prosthetic workshop. While in Tanzania he was also… Read More

Ronald G. Doucette, J.D.

Ron Doucette

Ronald Doucette’s background includes over forty years of service in the fields of investment, retirement planning and law. He has served as in-house counsel for a Boston banking institution, was an owner of a pension consulting firm and has over twenty years’ experience directing sales distribution networks for major investment… Read More

J. Timothy (Tim) Griffin

Tim brings a passion for the mission and an extensive marketing and strategic planning background to the board of American Leprosy Missions. He first learned about the organization from his grandmother, who was a faithful supporter. Later, he and his wife adopted American Leprosy Missions as one of their primary… Read More

Daniel Izzett

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Dan Izzett brings more than thirty years of ministry work and a very personal knowledge of leprosy to the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Missions. For fifteen years Dan worked in civil engineering providing quality control and construction site management, including managing three large… Read More

Alan B. Terwilleger

Alan Terwilleger

For more than three decades, Alan Terwilleger has provided leadership to a variety of Christian nonprofits. A longtime confidante of the late Chuck Colson, Alan most recently served as president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, guiding the organization in its mission to create and educate cultural ambassadors… Read More

Jana L. Webb-Delone, D.O., M.D., M.P.H., M.A.

Jana Webb-Delone

Jana is committed to the health and well-being of children globally. She has practiced pediatrics in the U.S. for 15 years, but has also been involved in public health and child survival programs in Southern Africa since 1990. From 1991 to 1994, she worked as an international health officer in… Read More



Directors and consultants to the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Missions receive no compensation for service.

Term Limits

A director may serve no more than nine consecutive years on the Board. However, an individual who has filled a single director vacancy is eligible, in addition, to be elected for his/her own three consecutive three-year terms. Following Board service of nine consecutive years (or nine consecutive years plus service in a director vacancy), a one-year mandatory rotation off the Board is required before an individual can be considered for re-election to the Board.