Hannah, Liberia

Ten-year-old Hannah lives in a small village in Liberia, surrounded by lush, green vegetation. It’s a remote place; it takes two hours, driving on brown dirt to get to the main road. Hannah spends her days playing with siblings and friends, attending school, fetching water and helping her mother on… Read More

Manjit, India

Living in central India, Manjit, nine, is the youngest of six children. His father is the sole breadwinner, carrying goods in a cart. Manjit came to the hospital with multiple deformities from leprosy; clawed hands and foot drop. He received the cure and had reconstructive surgery on his hands and… Read More

Jacqueline, Côte d’Ivoire


“It was a boil on my leg, like a small pimple,” says 11-year-old Jacqueline. “I didn’t show it to my mum. But it became a wound, so I then showed it to her.” Thankfully, Jacqueline’s mother took her to the hospital right away. All too often people seek the help of… Read More

Nazrana, Nepal


Six-year-old Nazrana lives with her mother and four siblings in a small village in Nepal. Her father left the family because her mother had leprosy. Now Nazrana has leprosy too. She is the youngest patient at Lalgadh hospital. This adorable little girl arrived with pale patches all over her body…. Read More

Sama, India

Sama comes from a small, remote village in India. His parents are daily wage workers in sugarcane fields. He has six sisters and two brothers. A shy teenager, his hands are deformed by leprosy. Sama left school because the children were teasing him. So, he takes care of goats instead…. Read More

Georgina, Ghana

Georgina is shy, yet never short of smiles, and she loves playing with her friends and reading. You would never guess that Georgina had a terrible case of Buruli ulcer that has left her extremely scarred. At one point, the ulcer had spread all along her upper torso, taking away much… Read More

Fulo, Nepal

One day Fulo’s mother noticed a pale patch of skin on Fulo’s side. So Fulo, her oldest sister and their parents walked in the hot sun and then took a long bus ride to the hospital. Five-year-old Fulo wore her best dress for the journey. When they arrived, the doctor… Read More

Kominam, Cote d’Ivoire

“When it started, I treated my son with traditional medicine,” says Kominam’s father. “But the wound came back. So I sent my son to the community health volunteer. When he confirmed it was Buruli ulcer, he told me to go to the hospital.” Kominam is small and full of energy…. Read More

Poonam, India


Possessing a cheeky smile and giggle, 16-year-old Poonam likes hanging out with her friends in her rural village in India. This beautiful girl’s ordeal with leprosy began when she was just 13. It started as patches on her neck, but soon spread to her hand. “I was worried when I… Read More

Asibi, Ghana


One day, a bump appeared on the left arm of 12-year-old Asibi. Her family thought it was a boil and tried to treat it at home. But then it turned into an ugly, open wound. Asibi’s skin was being eaten away. Traditional healers couldn’t help. A kind neighbor told Asibi’s… Read More

Minu, Bangladesh


Minu is very nervous. She was diagnosed with leprosy today. At the young age of 13, she is obviously still unsure of what’s happening. Her brother has come with her to the health clinic for support, but her parents are both working. Minu says, “I’m very sad that I have… Read More

Mayoyo, DR Congo

boy leprosy DR Congo

Mayoyo is an intelligent boy full of energy and potential. But when he was ten years old he got a wound on his leg that would not heal. Desperate for a cure, Mayoyo’s father took him to see a witchdoctor. The medicine he prescribed did nothing, so they went to… Read More

Aménan, Côte d’Ivoire

Eight-year-old Esthelle Aménan’s story starts with a small bump on her right shoulder. In just one month, it developed into a large wound that was finally diagnosed as Buruli ulcer at an American Leprosy Missions partner hospital. By that time, the wound was so severe Aménan could barely use her… Read More

Nino, Philippines

Nino, Philippines

Nino, the youngest of five children, is 11 years old. Nino was heartbroken when his father was diagnosed with leprosy and left home to seek treatment. Sadly, despite receiving help, Nino’s father later died. In order to provide for the family, Nino’s mother also left to find work. So the… Read More

Prenka, Nepal

leprosy vaccine

Prenka is a beautiful young girl. But she is embarrassed that she doesn’t know her age or the name of her deceased father. She also carries the shame and stigma of leprosy, a disabling disease that has caused her to lose some mobility in her hands. Part of a large… Read More

Stevenia, Liberia

Stevenia, Liberia

Stevenia is a fourteen-year-old from northern Liberia. She has 11 siblings, but she may never see them again. Though her parents brought her to an American Leprosy Missions partner hospital for treatment, it is unlikely that they will return for her. Before receiving multi-drug therapy and treatment for drop-foot, Stevenia… Read More

Labi, Ghana

Labi, Ghana

Eight-year-old Labi’s parents are farmers in rural Ghana. When her arm became swollen, they did not know what to do. Herbal remedies did not help and then wounds appeared. Eventually a nurse directed the family to an ALM-supported hospital where Labi was diagnosed with Buruli ulcer. Nine months of treatment… Read More