Poonam, India


This beautiful girl’s three-year ordeal with leprosy began when she was just 13. It started as patches on her neck, but soon spread to her hand. “I was worried when I first got it,” Poonam remembers. “I didn’t understand why I was getting injuries on my hand.” She refers to… Read More

Asibi, Ghana


One day, a bump appeared on the left arm of 12-year-old Asibi. Her family thought it was a boil and tried to treat it at home. But then it turned into an ugly, open wound. Asibi’s skin was being eaten away. Traditional healers couldn’t help. A kind neighbor told Asibi’s… Read More

Sanjila, Nepal


In a small, dusty village in Nepal, a family is battling an unseen enemy. First it attacked the grandparents. Then, it hit 10-year-old Sanjila. It started with pale skin patches on her face and back. Her grandmother recognized the signs. So she and Sanjila walked three miles in 100-degree heat… Read More

Minu, Bangladesh


Minu is very nervous. She was diagnosed with leprosy today. At the young age of 13, she is obviously still unsure of what’s happening. Her brother has come with her to the health clinic for support, but her parents are both working. Minu says, “I’m very sad that I have… Read More

Felicite, Côte d’Ivoire


Twelve-year-old Felicite had a strange wound on her arm. Her parents pressed boiled leaves on the wound, but it didn’t help. Thankfully, a community health volunteer trained by American Leprosy Missions urged them to take Felicite to the hospital. There they learned that she had the flesh-eating disease, Buruli ulcer…. Read More

Bijay, Nepal

Bijay Mukhiya

Bijay will greet you with a smile and large, sparkling eyes. He adores the babies in his family and carries them all around. It’s a bit of a comedy to watch, until he presses their faces against his. The contrast between the silky clear skin of the babies and the… Read More

Mayoyo, DR Congo

boy leprosy DR Congo

Mayoyo is an intelligent boy full of energy and potential. But when he was ten years old he got a wound on his leg that would not heal. Desperate for a cure, Mayoyo’s father took him to see a witchdoctor. The medicine he prescribed did nothing, so they went to… Read More

Taleb, India

Taleb 4

Taleb is sixteen years old, and for the past four years he has had ulcers on his feet. His classmates and teachers teased him relentlessly about the ulcers. So he stopped going to school. His neighbors told him to stay away. “If I go near the house, they say don’t… Read More

Benad, Côte d’Ivoire


The Buruli ulcer wound makes 12-year-old Benad look frail. It’s difficult for him to move his arm, but he is happy he can still play soccer. For three months, Benad’s arm swelled up. His father was disgusted and forced him out of the house. Benad fled to his uncle’s hut… Read More

Aarati, Nepal


In Nepal, people eat with their right hands. Aarati’s family was worried when they saw her struggling to eat; her right hand kept getting weaker. Her grandparents, who had both been cured of leprosy, suspected the same terrible disease had struck Aarati. So her grandmother brought her to Lalgadh hospital… Read More

Aménan, Côte d’Ivoire


Eight-year-old Esthelle Aménan’s story starts with a small bump on her right shoulder. In just one month, it developed into a large wound that was finally diagnosed as Buruli ulcer at an American Leprosy Missions partner hospital. By that time, the wound was so severe Aménan could barely use her… Read More

Nino, Philippines

Nino, Philippines

Nino, the youngest of five children, is 11 years old. Nino was heartbroken when his father was diagnosed with leprosy and left home to seek treatment. Sadly, despite receiving help, Nino’s father later died. In order to provide for the family, Nino’s mother also left to find work. So the… Read More

Prenka, Nepal

leprosy vaccine

Prenka is a beautiful young girl. But she is embarrassed that she doesn’t know her age or the name of her deceased father. She also carries the shame and stigma of leprosy, a disabling disease that has caused her to lose some mobility in her hands. Part of a large… Read More

Jawel, Ghana


Jawel is only a year-and-a-half old, but he has already faced many trials. When he was just six months old, he developed a nodule near his armpit that turned into a huge ulcer. Jawel stopped being a sweet, playful baby and instead acted listless and cried most of the time…. Read More

Stevenia, Liberia

Stevenia, Liberia

Stevenia is a fourteen-year-old from northern Liberia. She has 11 siblings, but she may never see them again. Though her parents brought her to an American Leprosy Missions partner hospital for treatment, it is unlikely that they will return for her. Before receiving multi-drug therapy and treatment for drop-foot, Stevenia… Read More

Labi, Ghana

Labi, Ghana

Eight-year-old Labi’s parents are farmers in rural Ghana. When her arm became swollen, they did not know what to do. Herbal remedies did not help and then wounds appeared. Eventually a nurse directed the family to an ALM-supported hospital where Labi was diagnosed with Buruli ulcer. Nine months of treatment… Read More