Leprosy Vaccine

An effective leprosy vaccine will save children like Marc Jun from a lifetime of suffering with this dreaded disease.

American Leprosy Missions is committed to bringing an END to leprosy by developing a leprosy vaccine that will stop this terrible disease before it even starts.

So in 2002, American Leprosy Missions began a partnership with the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) in Seattle, Washington to develop a vaccine for leprosy.

This investment of 15 years and $5.1 million has resulted in a vaccine that is now ready for Phase I clinical safety trials in healthy human volunteers.

This is an exciting opportunity to partner with us to make a lasting difference in the world by opening the door to finally stopping this devastating disease.

Why is a leprosy vaccine needed?

  • This ancient disease is still disabling and isolating people.
  • Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy.
  • More than four million people in the world suffer from leprosy-related disabilities.
  • An effective vaccine will limit infection, prevent disease and reduce transmission.
  • A vaccine is the only way to end this terrible disease.

What is the current status of the leprosy vaccine?

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, a leprosy vaccine has been developed and manufactured in a large enough quantity for further testing. Toxicology studies are complete, and now the vaccine is ready for the Phase I clinical trial (safety study in healthy human volunteers).

We are ready to sign an agreement with the Phase I clinical trial site and finally start this exciting part of the leprosy vaccine process.

But we need your help! Join us.

The leprosy vaccine has been developed and manufactured. Now it’s ready for the Phase I clinical trial.

Why now?

  • This is the first leprosy-specific vaccine to go through Phase I clinical trials.
  • We believe this vaccine will be an exciting new way to stop the transmission of leprosy and the only way to protect people from the disease long term.
  • What’s more, the vaccine may protect against nerve damage, the most serious complication of leprosy.
  • The vaccine is manufactured and just waiting to be tested.
  • A Phase I clinical trial site has been selected and has scheduled the testing.
  • If we raise the money we need by June 30, 2017, we can finally start the trial.

Why you?

  • This is an historic opportunity to help end an ancient disease.
  • With your help, families will never have to hear the devastating news that they have leprosy, nor suffer its debilitating effects.
  • You can leave a lasting legacy for millions of people around the world.

Funds needed

Cash by June 30, 2017:  $271,371
Commitments by June 30, 2017:  $554,986
Commitments by Dec. 31, 2017:  $380,144
Total:  $1,206,501
Commitments as of June 19, 2017:  $785,708
Total still needed:  $420,793

Next steps

June 2017:  Sign agreement with Phase I clinical trial site
Summer 2017:  File with FDA
Fall 2017:  Start Phase I clinical trial
Summer 2018:  Possible start of Phase II clinical trial in an endemic country
Summer 2019:  Complete Phase I clinical trial

Join us – Together we can help end leprosy

By God’s grace and with your partnership, a vaccine will be able to spare children like Marc Jun the devastation and heartbreak of leprosy. Donate now to stop the suffering.

Leprosy vaccine in the news

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