Dhrahori : Finding New Life


Dhrahori remembers when she got leprosy. It was 11 years ago. She was 34 and married. Her main fear was that her husband would disown her and throw her out of the house. That’s what happens so often to people with leprosy in countries like Nepal, where Dhrahori lives. Victims… Read More

A Blessing for Sarita


How You Helped Her Find Healing, Respect and Jesus’ Love, in Her Own Words “When I was 10 years old, I developed white patches on my body. All I knew was that I had a skin problem. When I was 16, I started getting ulcers, and then I knew that… Read More

Nazma: The Gifts That Changed Her Life


Where there’s poverty, there’s leprosy. And that’s certainly true for Nazma. Living in a remote village in Bangladesh with her two young daughters, Nazma got leprosy 16 years ago. Although she was spared the disfigurements that this disease causes, she has nerve damage. It has left her hands numb. Her… Read More

Mangal: A Life Restored

Mangal: A Life Restored

Mangal’s name means “pure”, but when she was diagnosed with leprosy, her name became a joke. Family, friends, and neighbors all said that she must have sinned to bring this calamity upon herself. In their eyes, she was no longer pure. Her future had been full of promise. Now nobody… Read More

Manjur: Replacing Despair with Healing and Hope

Manjur: Replacing Despair with Healing and Hope

Eleven-year-old Manjur stood on his tip toes to edge himself onto the plastic chair in front of the social worker at an American Leprosy Missions partner hospital in Nepal. Manjur must have contracted leprosy early in his life; the number of scaly lesions covering his back means his case is… Read More

Prisca: A Little Girl Cured, A Mother’s Burden Eased

Prisca: A Little Girl Cured, A Mother's Burden Eased

Little four-year-old Prisca had a spot on her left knee. No one knew what it was, but her mom, Hélène, wasn’t worried. It didn’t seem to bother Prisca and she never complained. But then, the spot turned into an ugly, open wound. Her mother thought traditional African medicine might heal… Read More

Amos: Training and Care Make a Lifesaving Difference

Amos: Training and Care Make a Lifesaving Difference

A boil on a young son’s chest wouldn’t normally receive much notice, but it set off alarm bells for Amos’ dad. “I saw a poster about Buruli ulcer,” he explains. “When I saw the swelling on Amos’ chest, I suspected Buruli ulcer because the poster said that’s how it begins.”… Read More

Mitano: Outcast to Entrepreneur

Mitano: Outcast to Entrepreneur

Mitano, age 55, had leprosy. His family abandoned him; they were too ashamed to be associated with someone with this disease. That is the tragic power of the stigma of leprosy. Rejected by those he loved, Mitano traveled 250 miles to a place where he could eke out an existence… Read More

Justin: There is Hope

Justin, Philippines

Justin is a charming little boy, but he doesn’t look people straight in the eye. That’s because he’s trying to hide a big red spot on his left cheek — a spot caused by leprosy. Justin is in the first grade and doing well in his studies. But he is… Read More