World Leprosy Day

Celebrate World Leprosy Day – January 29, 2017Manjit-cropped-150x150

Every day, 52 girls and boys around the world are diagnosed with leprosy. Many more will remain undiagnosed due to stigma, fear and lack of medical expertise.

But leprosy can be cured. If it’s detected early, suffering and disabilities can be prevented.

$30 Cures a Child: Do it for World Leprosy Day

We want to end leprosy-related disabilities in girls and boys by 2020, and you can help. Just $30 will cure a child — like Manjit — helping to find, diagnose, and get medicine to those who need it. Please give now.

Leprosy in Children

  • Leprosy is still being transmitted to children.
  • Children are suffering from lifelong disabilities caused by leprosy.
  • 8.8% of all the new, detected cases of leprosy in 2014 were children.
  • 6.6% of all new leprosy patients in 2014 had Grade 2 disabilities (visible disabilities, damage to hands and feet and severe eyesight impairment), higher than previous years.
  • New patients with Grade 2 disabilities indicate late detection of leprosy and a lack of awareness of the early signs of leprosy.
  • Proactive, early detection and treatment of leprosy must be an international priority, to prevent leprosy being transmitted to children and disabilities developing.

Young Boy Suffers from Multiple Leprosy Deformities Manjit-hand examined-cropped200x131

Living in central India, Manjit, nine, is the youngest of six children. His father is the sole breadwinner, carrying goods in a cart.

Manjit came to the hospital with multiple deformities from leprosy; clawed hands and foot drop. Thanks to people like you, he received the cure and had reconstructive surgery on his hands and right foot. Read more.

About World Leprosy Day

For more than 50 years, on the last Sunday of January, thousands of people across the globe have stopped to remember those who suffer from leprosy.

World Leprosy Day helps to focus on the needs of some of the poorest and most marginalized people in the world – those affected by leprosy. Many people think of leprosy as an ancient disease that was eradicated many years ago. But every year, hundreds of thousands of children, women and men discover they have leprosy.

Donate now to cure a child like Manjit.