Miracle Partners

Make a Miracle Happen for Someone Who’s Suffering

You can do even more good for suffering people when you join Miracle Partners. Click here to watch this short video.

Miracle Partners is our group of caring, compassionate folks who make the commitment to give on a consistent basis to save people from leprosy and related diseases.

And when you join by pledging a monthly gift, some exciting things happen:Miracle Partners

  • Your gifts have more impact. Because we send less mail and email, our costs are lower, so more funds go to helping people in need.
  • You enjoy set-it-and-forget-it convenience when you give.
  • You have a bond with other Miracle Partners — people like you who care about those who are suffering.
  • You further the cause of Christ, making His love visible to heal our broken world.
  • You get less mail and email.

As a Miracle Partner, your monthly gifts will find, treat and cure people of leprosy, transforming their lives of suffering into lives of gratitude and hope.

Get less mail, enjoy more convenience, and have more impact with each gift you give. Become a Miracle Partner now. And make a miracle happen for someone who’s suffering.

Watch this video and discover how you can transform the lives of people suffering with leprosy.